Here find our our traditional catering menu; of course if there is something else you would like and don't see it, just ask, chances are we can make it for you!

Desserts tie it all together, so rather than give you a standard option of deserts, we will propose a special pairing to go with your own unique meal.

What sets Trevi apart from other caterers is our culinary skills to provide not only your traditional meal options, but to also provide unique seasonal flavors and tastings.

Check them out!

Seasonal Menu


Standard Catering Menu

Corporate Lunches

In addition to our standard catering menu, our chef has come up with some specific culinary options, which can be eaten during a working session or on the go!

Special Events

Brunch Options

If you are looking for ethnic holiday or religious options for your gatherings, look no further!

BBQ Options

BBQ with a twist - check it out!

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